Obligatory Blog Post

Will be updating later.

Edit: 12/21/15

Haha. Finally updating, a year later. And it’s the third anniversary since the world was supposed to end three years ago. I think.

While this blog site originally had the purpose of being the platform that I post essays for my lower division writing class portfolio, I didn’t want it to go to waste. I would like to be able to have a place to sometimes post my writings and thoughts, and share articles that I find interesting. I know that pretty much no one will see this, but who knows? Maybe something can come out of this.

I will acknowledge that my interests have heavy emphasis in disability and autism awareness, activism, and advocacy. My writing tends to be on these topics. However, I have varied interests, and I acknowledge that oppression and privilege have a relationship within and between all oppressed groups. It’s important to incorporate intersectionality. I think it’s wonderful for people to have a special interest and make a space for just that field, but what I want out of life is something bigger, so I want my blog space to represent that. It may take time for me to feel comfortable sharing things, as unlearning is a lifelong process.

It’s important to me to state that I am white, I have a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, I’ve received speech therapy since the age of two (stopped in high school), I had an IEP, I am a university student, I live in an on-campus student co-op, I was raised as a girl, I’m not comfortable with identifying with a gender (looking at non-binary , genderqueer, or demi-girl as options right now), I’m not comfortable with identifying with any particular sexuality (I just want to like who I like in whatever way is most comfortable to me and not let it be an indicator of my sexuality at this point in my life), I don’t have preferred gender pronouns (but slightly partial to they/them and she/her), I have hella passing privileges (as well as plain old privilege), I have been on medication as a child and in the last year for anxiety and depression related issues, I am currently not on medication (stopped taking my medication in October 2015), I’m a Cognitive Science major with an emphasis in Neuroscience, I am interested in going into neuroscience research, I am interested in autism research, I am interested in advocating for autistic people (and myself) in research (to challenge eugenics-based views and whatnot), and I grew up in the North Bay (as in San Francisco Bay Area, the north part known for being super liberal, white, and expensive, as well as dairy farms and vineyards). This is my background, and a simplification of my overall identity as an individual. If you are interested in reading this blog, I want you to be aware of my bias. I like to practice metacognition, and understanding my background and how it shaped my worldview and bias is something to be aware of.

Is this enough for an opening blog post?


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