A Behavior Plan For Parents

A Behavior Plan For Parents of Newly Diagnosed Autistic Children

Hey, it’s funny! Because autistic children have to undergo behavior plans. Isn’t that what all that therapy is for? To learn how to act “normal”?

Okay, I’m also being a bit facetious. Or is it sarcastic? Eh, I don’t know. I am in a current mood that makes me feel like being kind of saucy and edgy.

This blog post is very satirical (that’s the point, right?), and I would like to look at a certain aspect of the post.

It’s not uncommon to read about or see parents going through a “mourning phase” when they first learn about their child’s diagnosis of autism (or other disabilities). These parents might think they are sad about the hardships ahead, or the future they saw for their child. Really, it’s a mourning for the “normal” child they thought they were going to have. Crying about it is insulting to your child. Your child didn’t “become” this way. It’s not cancer. Your child isn’t actually dead. Your child was always this way, and was always going to be this way. Instead of crying over the future your child was never going to have, accept and love your child for who they are and always have been and will become.


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